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Beatrix Farrand to John Thacher, May 14, 1941
Alternate Title
Letter from Beatrix Farrand to John Thacher, May 14, 1941
Beatrix Farrand
John Thacher
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Letter expanding on Beatrix Farrand's previous letter of the day before, after she had "properly digested" a letter from Mr. Russell, which included a letter from John Thacher (Letters not in collection). This is in regards to the employment of the previously-held gardeners and Anne Sweeney. Beatrix Farrand is in favor of keeping all of the help and mentions Mrs. Bliss's desire of an advisory committee being formed so that she may maintain some control over the garden design and planting. In the postscript Beatrix Farrand mentions the well-being of the Blisses.

Typewritten letter on Beatrix Farrand's New York letterhead. New York address crossed out and typed "Reef Point, Bar Harbor, Maine" beside it. Signature in black ink.

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D:BF 1941.05.14
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