Byzantine Studies Fellows, 2009/10

Fellows in Byzantine Studies at Dumbarton Oaks, Fellowship Reports, and Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars

Paolo Odorico (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales)

Annemarie Weyl Carr (Southern Methodist University)

Byzantine Fellows - 2009/10Fellows

Maria Evangelatou, Weaving Christ’s Body: Clothing, Femininity and Sexuality in the Marian Imagery of Byzantium

Scott Johnson, All the World’s Knowledge: Geography and Literature in Late Antiquity

Noel Lenski, Slavery in Late Antiquity

Ruth Macrides (Spring), Imperial Ceremonial in Palaiologan Constantinople

Meaghan McEvoy (Fall), Political Power and Imperial Governance: The Transformation of the Imperial Office in the Later Roman Empire, ca. 367–527

Columba Stewart, Inventing Monasticism

Martin Wallraff (Spring), Religion of the Book? Christians and their Books in Late Antiquity, a Cultural History

Junior Fellows

Sarah E. Insley, The Formation of Constantinople as a Sacred Center

Florin Leonte, Ideology and Rhetoric in Manuel Ⅱ Palaiologos's Texts

Alexander Riehle, Literature and Society in the Reign of Andronikos II Palaiologos: An Examination of the Letter-Collection of Nikephoros Choumnos

Jennifer Westerfeld, In the Shadow of the Sphinx: Pharaonic Sacred Space in the Coptic Imagination

Summer Fellows

Jan Willem Drijvers, Helena Revisited: Cross and Myth

Ilias Evangelou, The Impact of Hesychasm on the Ecclesiastical and Political Life of the Southern Slavs during the 14th Century

Aglae Pizzone, Hellenistic Phantasia and Its Iconophile Offspring

Catherine Saliou, Research on Sources Relating to the Topography of Ancient Antioch in Syria

Larysa Sedikova, Trade Connections of Chersonesos (Cherson) in the 8th–14th Centuries on the Basis of Ceramic Finds

Werner Seibt, Byzantine Seals with Family Names in Dumbarton Oaks

Stephen J. Shoemaker, The Earliest Life of the Virgin: The First English Translation from the Old Georgian


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