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The current staff of Byzantine Studies

Margaret Mullett (, Director of Byzantine Studies, is currently working on performance, dream, court culture and ceremony, muses, and monasteries. She is the editor of Dumbarton Oaks Papers.

Jonathan Shea (, Teaching Fellow in Byzantine History/Sigillography and Numismatics at Dumbarton Oaks and George Washington University, works on the seals database with both the Byzantine Studies program and the Museum. This semester he is teaching a course on cities in the Medieval Mediterranean.

Scott Fitzgerald Johnson (, Teaching Fellow in Byzantine Greek at Dumbarton Oaks and Georgetown University, is working on multilingualism and geography among eastern Christians in Late Antiquity. He is currently teaching a course called "Byzantine Renaissances" (CLSS280) about the reception and transmission of Greek literature from Hellenistic Alexandria through Byzantium and up to Renaissance Venice.

Seh-Hee Koh (), Program Coordinator in Byzantine Studies

Alec Luhring (, Intern in Byzantine Studies

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