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Collection 1: 4.5 x 5.5 envelope housing (71 photographs) (Location: SUB1, Box 116).

Item 1: Erik Steinfeldt and his sister (image of boy holding flag standing with girl). “Erik and [blank area] Steinfeldt, 9 Roslagsgatan Stkhm.”

AR.PH.BL.Misc.229 AR.PH.BL.Misc.229

Item 2: Child standing on a porch with clasped hands.

AR.PH.BL.Misc.230 AR.PH.BL.Misc.230

Item 3: Image of an artwork depicting the former slave quarters at Decatur House, Washington, D.C. Postcard. Inscribed on the back: “With all my love, Marie [Beale].”

AR.PH.BL.Misc.232 AR.PH.BL.Misc.232

Item 4: Image of a painting of a girl holding a flower. “With a great deal of love and every good wish for Christmas and for 1938, [illegible text], Boston.”

AR.PH.BL.Misc.231 AR.PH.BL.Misc.231

Item 5: Girl standing on a porch.

AR.PH.BL.Misc.233 AR.PH.BL.Misc.233

Item 6: Girl in profile standing on a porch.

AR.PH.BL.Misc.234 AR.PH.BL.Misc.234

Item 7: Elizabeth Carrington seated with an American flag in the background.

AR.PH.BL.Misc.235 AR.PH.BL.Misc.235

Item 8: Girl standing outdoors.

AR.PH.BL.Misc.236 AR.PH.BL.Misc.236

Item 9: Man in profile.

AR.PH.BL.Misc.237 AR.PH.BL.Misc.237

Item 10: Man and woman standing near a fireplace.

Item 11: Man in profile wearing a tie. 

Item 12: Man seated with palm trees in the background.

Item 13: Two dogs. Postcard. “Sugar Plum Daughter and Sugar Mother.” “Easter Greetings from The Family.” [The inscription on this postcard appears to be in the hand of Marie Beale.]

AR.PH.BL.Misc.238 AR.PH.BL.Misc.238

Item 14: Woman. Cabinet card. Photograph by Anderson Studio, Bay Shore, N.Y.

AR.PH.BL.Misc.239 AR.PH.BL.Misc.239

Item 15: Mme Waller [as identified on the back].

AR.PH.BL.Misc.240 AR.PH.BL.Misc.240

Item 16: Woman holding a baby. Cabinet card. Photograph by W.L. Koehne, Cor[ner] Huron and & N. Clark Sts., Chicago.

AR.PH.BL.Misc.241 AR.PH.BL.Misc.241

Item 17: Woman seated with four musicians standing behind her.

AR.PH.BL.Misc.242 AR.PH.BL.Misc.242

Item 18: Marie Oge Beale (1880–1956) on a horse. Postcard. “To Dearest Mildred & Robert go all my thanks for the inspiring Easter Lily."

AR.PH.BL.Misc.243 AR.PH.BL.Misc.243

Item 19: Woman wearing a pearl necklace. Italian postcard. “Palazzo Butera Palermo Dearest Mildred, thank you so much for your pretty card. All my fond wishes for you both Pigtail." "[Illegible signature on front] 1927.”

AR.PH.BL.Misc.244 AR.PH.BL.Misc.244

Item 20: Marie Oge Beale (18801956) with two dogs. Postcard. “December 15, Dear Robert, I do hope that sunny beaches are doing you good."

AR.PH.BL.Misc.052 AR.PH.BL.Misc.052

Item 21: Brooke McKee [?]. "Texas Bates McKee Brooke." Photograph by Hessler.

AR.PH.BL.Misc.008 AR.PH.BL.Misc.008

Item 22: “The Carrington Quartet. Elizabeth, Harold, Phyllis, Sidney, Sept. 1911.”

AR.PH.BL.Misc.062 AR.PH.BL.Misc.062

Item 23: “The Carrington Quartet. Otto Born conducting, Sept. 1911.”

AR.PH.BL.Misc.063 AR.PH.BL.Misc.063

Item 24: “The Carrington Quartette. September, 1911.”

AR.PH.BL.Misc.064 AR.PH.BL.Misc.064

Item 25: “The Carrington Quartette. The boy standing is Otto Born of the Music School Settlement, Sept. 1911.”

AR.PH.BL.Misc.247 AR.PH.BL.Misc.247

Item 26: Elizabeth [Carrington].

Item 27: [Elizabeth Carrington].

Item 28: [Elizabeth Carrington].

Item 29: [Elizabeth Carrington].

Item 30: Elizabeth [Carrington]. “4 years and 4 months.”

Item 31: Elizabeth [Carrington]. “4 years and 4 months.”

Item 32: Elizabeth [Carrington]. “4 years and 11 months. ‘Deserted.’”

Item 33: Elizabeth [Carrington]. “Chester Beach and Elizabeth. Mr. Beach is a young sculptor with, we believe, a brilliant future.”

Item 34: [Elizabeth Carrington]. “Mrs. Carrington and Elizabeth.”

Item 35: Harold and Sidney Carrington. “Tokeneke, Conn., Sept. 1911.”

Item 36: Harold [Carrington]. “8 ½ years old.”

Item 37: Harold [Carrington]. “Frances Simonds [and] Harold.”

Item 38: “Harold, Phyllis, Elizabeth [Carrington].”

Item 39: Harold, Phyllis and Elizabeth [Carrington]. “On the beach of Orienta Point, Mamaroneck, 1909.”

Item 40: Phyllis Carrington. “6 years and 10 months.”

Item 41: Phyllis [Carrington]. “7 ½ years old.”

Item 42: Phyllis and Elizabeth Carrington. “The playhouse.”

Item 43: Phyllis and Elizabeth [Carrington]. “Tokeneke, Conn., July 1910.”

Item 44: [Phyllis, Harold and Elizabeth Carrington].

Item 45: Sidney [Carrington].

Item 46: Sidney [Carrington].

Item 47: Sidney Carrington. “1 year and 10 months.”

Item 48: Sidney [Carrington]. “2 years, 2 months.”

Item 49: Sidney [Carrington]. “2 years, 2 months.”

Item 50: Sidney [Carrington]. “2 years, 2 months.”

Item 51: Sidney Carrington. “2 years, 2 months, [with] Katherine Jessup.”

Item 52: Sidney Carrington. “Aged 4 years, taken on his birthday, June 1911.”

Item 53: Sidney Carrington. “Aged 5 years, his birthday, June 24.”

Item 54: Sidney Carrington. “Big Chief.”

Item 55: [Sidney Carrington]. [Holding a trumpet.]

Item 56: [Sidney Carrington]. “Listening for Buffalo.”

Item 57: Sidney Carrington. “May 1911. Aged 3 years, 10 ½ months.” (Photograph damaged at bottom.)

Item 58: Sidney [Carrington]. “Off to the Convention.”

Item 59: Sidney Carrington. “One year today!”

Item 60: Sydney Carrington. “Sharpening the Tomahawk.”

Item 61: “Adam and Eve, (Patty and Sammy).” Photograph of 2 dolls. (Photograph possibly taken by a Carrington family member?)

Item 62: “My dearest grand-daughter. Elsie Elizabeth Carrington, May 1911.” Photograph of a doll. (Photograph possibly taken by a Carrington family member?)

Item 63: “Some of my Grandchildren. Raggy, Mabel, Patty and Sammy.” Photograph of 4 dolls. (Photograph possibly taken by a Carrington family member?)

Item 64: Julia Morse (Curtis Sloane).

Item 65: “Lief Rosanoff. June 1909.” Photograph of Lief Rosanoff (1885–1974) with cello. Leif, sometimes spelled Leiff, was a cellist who studied with Pablo Casals. He married cellist Marie Roemaet (1896–1967). Lief and Marie Rosanoff founded a summer music school in Connecticut.

Item 66: [Lief Rosanoff]. “Mallowfield, 1908.”

Item 67: “Lief Rosanoff. Mallowfield, 1908.”

Item 68: “Lief Rosanoff. Mallowfield, June 1909.” Photograph of Lief Rosanoff with cello.

Item 69: Mrs. Robinson Smith. Oval shape.

Item 70: Charlotte Stillman, Alice Babcock, and unidentified woman.

Item 71: “Vice Consul Thayer at his desk, Venice.”