Curteich - Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1898–1978 (Printer)

Curt Teich (1877–1974) was a printer who produced postcards, view postcards and advertising cards. The Teich Company became the world's largest printer of postcards. Teich was born in Greiz, Thuringia (Germany), and moved to Chicago, Illinois, in 1898 to start his own firm, Curt Teich & Company, usually printed in the credit line as Curteich - Chicago. The company employed the description "C. T. Art-Colortone" for its postcards. The company is best known for its "Greetings From" postcards with big letters, vivid colors, and a bold style. "Greetings From" postcards had originated in Germany in the 1890s, and Teich successfully imported the style to the American market in 1904. Curt Teich & Company also encouraged businesses to create advertising postcards. The company closed in 1978. The Teich family donated the archives of the company to the Lake County Discovery Museum in Illinois. In 2016, the collection transferred to the Newberry Library, Chicago.

Curteich - Chicago Credit Line Curteich - Chicago Credit Line