Johannes Ilmari Auerbach

Merano, Italy (Photographer)

Johannes (Jean, Joannès) Ilmari Auerbach (John Ivor Allenby) (1899–1950) was a German sculptor. After a short period of study at the Bauhaus in Weimar, in 1921, he received a commission for the tomb of Karl Ernst Osthaus in Merano, Italy. While in Merano, it is likely that he took photographs of the city that were then made into postcards. Afterwards, Auerbach worked as a sculptor in Paris, before returning to Germany in 1932. He was imprisoned in 193335 and escaped to England where he changed his name to John Ivor Allenby.

J. Auerbach Credit Line J. Auerbach Credit Line

Johannes Ilmari Auerbach (1899–1950) Johannes Ilmari Auerbach (1899–1950)