Robert Woods Bliss to Royall Tyler, April 22, 1939

April 22, 1939

Dear Royall,

Referring to the postscript to my last letter I enclose herewith a memorandum of a conversation Mrs. Sessions had a few days ago with H.W.The whereabouts of this memorandum are unknown. It may possibly be of some assistance to you in case anything materializes in regard to the Library of Dr. Zahn.Robert Zahn (1870–1945), a German classical archaeologist and the director of the Antikensammlung, Berlin. He was a specialist in ancient ceramics, glass, and jewelry. See postscript to the letter of March 31, 1939.

With much affection from us both.


Royall Tyler, Esquire

League of Nations


Associated People: Barbara Sessions; Henry Walters