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Madrid, El Escorial, 134 (τ.i.14)


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 16th c. (16th c. (1541))
  • Illustrations: Yes


Revilla-Andrés 134.
Nota Antiqua τ.i.14.
Miller no. 131.

Damascius De Principiis (TLG 4066.003) and other astrological works. Beautiful decorative banner at the head, various marginal graphs throughout and chart of the zodiac at the end. At least one scribe is Nucius Andronicus of Corcyra (Ἀνδρόνικος Νούντζιος, sive Νούκ(κ)ιος, alias Nicander Nucius; Fernández Pomar no. 41, though not identified in that catalogue for this manuscript); there are additions and corrections in at least one other hand. For Nucius, see Vogel-Gardthausen in Bibliography and Online Resources, and Online Resources for an image of his hand in Scorialensis 512.

See entry in Revilla-Andrés in the Online Resources for fuller details and description.

The Escorial Library have put the whole of Revilla & Andrés’s excellent catalogue online in pdf/aspx format (see Online Resources), but navigating it can be slightly tricky and deserves comment. It’s in fifteen parts, as follows:

1/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp. i-cxxxv (prologue, corrigenda &c.).
2/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp.001-100 (codd. 1-24 [r.i.1—r.ii.4]).
3/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp.100-200 (codd. 25-58 [r.ii.5—r.iii.24]).
4/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp.201-309 (codd. 59-87 [r.iii.25—σ.ii.7]).
5/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp.310-402 (codd. 88-124 [σ.ii.8—τ.i.4]).
6/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp.404-501 (codd. 125-157 [τ.i.5—τ.i.18]).
7/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp.502-560 (codd. 158-178 [τ.ii.19—τ.iii.18] and indices).
8/15: Vol. 2 (Andrés), pp. i-xvi (prologue) and 001-095 (codd. 179—251 [φ.i.1-υ.i.12]).
9/15: Vol. 2 (Andrés), pp. 096-193 (codd. 252-308 [υ.i.13—y.i.15]).
10/15: Vol. 2 (Andrés), pp.193-282 (codd. 309-372 [y.ii.1—χ.ii.12]).
11/15: Vol. 2 (Andrés), pp. 283-357 (codd. 373-420 [χ.ii.13—χ.iv.25]).
12/15: Vol. 3 (Andrés), pp. 001-119 (codd. 421-503 [ψ.i.1—ω.i.2]).
13/15: Vol. 3 (Andrés), pp. 120-203 (codd. 504-551 [ω.i.3—ω.iii.18]).
14/15: Vol. 3 (Andrés), pp. 204-263 (codd. 552-649 [ω.iii.19—82.vii.22]).
15/15: Vol. 3 (Andrés), pp. 265-368 (indices).