Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, ms. Vat. gr. 1087

Additional Information

  • Acquired: donated by the estate of Ihor Ševčenko
  • Film: 35mm Black-and-white Negative


Prof. Ševčenko's note: "48 1087. Nikephoros Gregoras. Theodoros Metochites. Etc."
Note on the side: "Fols. 1r-v: Letter to Nikephoros Gregoras to Theodoros Metochites concerning astronomy
Fols. 2r-v: Passage omitted from Fol. 150
Fols. 3r-v: Table of contents
Fols. 4v-122v: Theodorii Logotheti in opera Ptolemaei
Fols. 123-147: Theon of Alexandria, Commentary on the Almagest, Books 8-13, with lacunae
Fols. 148-221v: continuation of Metochites' work
Fols. 223-299v: Résumé of the Almagest
Fols. 300-312v: Notes on the constellations
Fols. 312-320v: Nikephoros Gregoras, On an Astrolabe
Ms. contains 320 folios".