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Online Exhibitions

The Botany of Empire in the Long Eighteenth Century

An exhibit of materials from the Dumbarton Oaks Rare Book Collection

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Ces pièces immortelles: Early Numismatic Books in the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library

This exhibition explores the foundations of numismatic study of Roman and Byzantine coins from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries through numismatic catalouges and other publications held in the Dumbarton Oaks Rare Book Collection.

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Philip Johnson at Dumbarton Oaks

This online resource commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of Philip Johnson’s Pre-Columbian pavilion at Dumbarton Oaks. Johnson’s architectural masterpiece opened in 1963 and is now seen as a seminal building in his late 1950s’ shift from International Style modernism to Postmodern classicism. Despite this recognition, the Johnson wing has been little discussed or studied. This anniversary year provides an excellent opportunity to commemorate the Pre-Columbian collection’s impressive housing—arguably a work of art in its own right.

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Leaden Gospels

To accompany the 2013 Spring Symposium "New Testament in Byzantium," this exhibit presents and discusses several of the rare Byzantine lead seals from the collection that depict New Testament narrative scenes and figures.

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Margaret Mee

Margaret Mee, botanical artist of the Amazon

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The Ancient Future: Mesoamerican and Andean Timekeeping

The Aztec, Maya, and Inca civilizations used complex and multiple timekeeping systems for purposes of agriculture, worship, and political authority. Because little of the material record of the pre-Conquest peoples of the Americas survived, scholars through the ages have had limited primary sources to study to reach a comprehensive understanding of timekeeping in the Americas.

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The Byzantine Emperors on Coins

One hundred twenty seven Byzantine coins, one for each Byzantine emperor, plus the few usurpers who struck coins are presented in this online exhibition. All the objects have been selected from the Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Coin Collection in order to present the viewer with a glimpse into one of the largest Byzantine coin collections in the world.

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Before Byzantium: The Early Activities of Thomas Whittemore (1871-1931)

This online exhibit presents Thomas Whittemore's personal and professional activities from 1871 to 1931.

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God's Regents on Earth: A Thousand Years of Byzantine Imperial Seals

For over a thousand years the Byzantine Emperor ruled as God's regent of earth. The decisions of the individuals who sat on the throne had repercussions throughout the Byzantine world and far beyond. Decrees, letters, judgments, and commands left Constantinople every day signed by the emperor in red ink and secured with the imperial seal. The designs of the imperial seals provide an insight into the minds and policies of the rulers whose image they bore; they tell us not only how they wished to be viewed by the recipients of their letters, but also how they viewed themselves.

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