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Theodore patrikios (?) (sixth century)

Accession number BZS.1951.31.5.3261
Diameter 27 mm


Cruciform monogram. Wreath border.

 -  -  -  - ι - κ - λ - ο -  - τ - υ - ω

Θεοδώ<ρ>ου πατ<ρ>ικίου (?)


Monogram. Wreath border.

- C - D-  -  - I - O - P - R -  -

Theodoru patriciu


Θεοδώρου πατρικίου (?). Theodoru patriciu.

(Seal of) Theodore patrikios. (Seal of) Theodore patricius.


The obverse monogram is strange; it likely reads Theodore patrikios, but there is no ρ; this is likely the engraver's error, as no other resolution is apparent; a name like Θεοκτίστου (Theoktistos) would not resolve with any title or office. The reverse monogram seems to contain the name Theodore and seemingly the title patricius as well in Latin, though as is typical of Latin monograms, it is difficult to find all the letters of the name contained within it.