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The monastery ton Sophrones patrikion ton Xyliniton (tenth century)

Accession number BZS.1951.31.5.3641
Diameter 24 mm
Condition Rusty
Previous Editions

DO Seals 5 no. 3641; Laurent, Corpus 5.2: no. 1280.


Seemingly a patriarchal cross on steps. Circular inscription beginning at 7 o'clock. Border of dots.


Θεοτώκε βοήθει


Inscription of six lines. Border of dots.


Μονῆς τῶν σοφρώνης πατρηκείων κῶν (sic) Ξυληνητῶν


Θεοτώκε βοήθει. Μονῆς τῶν σοφρώνης Πατρηκείων τῶν Ξυληνητῶν.

Mother of God, give thy aid. (Seal of) the monastery τῶν Σοφρώνης πατρικίων τῶν Ξυληνητῶν.


Laurent read the inscription on the reverse as follows: Μονῆς τῶν σοφρών[ων] πατρηκείων [τ]ῶν [κα]λ[λι]ν[ίκων]. The main problem with this reading concerns the final word. The editors of DO Seals 5 noted that the third letter of line five, following the nu, was not a kappa, as Laurent thought, but either a tau or lambda. W. Seibt (ΒΖ 100 [2007], 235), however, has corrected the reading of the final word, based on a parallel specimen, to Ξυληνητῶν. He furthermore suggests that Σοφρώνης may be connected to Σωφρόνιον in East-Thrace, in the region of Rhaidestos.

The final letter of the fourth line, which should be read as a tau (the beginning of τῶν), actually seems to be a kappa.