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George imperial spatharios and strategos of the Boutellarioi (eighth century)

Accession number BZS.1951.31.5.473
Diameter 29 mm
Condition Break along the channel, which is situated off center.
Previous Editions

DO Seals 4, no. 128.
Zacos-Veglery, no. 1933. A similar specimen has been published by Konstantopoulos, no. 162a (the first name read as Λέοντι).


Wreath border. Cruciform invocative monogram (type V); in the quarters: τ-σ|δ-λ.


Inscription of five lines, decorations above and probably below. Wreath border.


Γεωργίῳ β(ασιλικῷ) σπαθαρ(ίῳ) (καὶ) στρ(α-τηγῷ) τῶν Βουτελαρίω(ν)


Θεοτόκε βοήθει τῷ σῷ δούλῳ Γεωργίῳ βασιλικῷ σπαθαρίῳ καὶ στρα-τηγῷ τῶν Βουτελαρίων.

Mother of God, help your servant George, imperial spatharios and strategos of the Boutellarioi.


The reading BOUTEΛ, otherwise unattested, is clearly visible in the fourth line of the reverse. The present seal, and the Athens specimen published by Konstantopoulos, have all the characteristics of the first half of the eighth century and should thus have belonged to one of the first strategoi of the Boukellarion. We do not know whether its owner should be identified with a George imperial spatharios of the same time period, as proposed by Seibt, Bleisiegel, no. 179.