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Mark . . . (?) (sixth century)

Accession number BZS.1955.1.308
Diameter 18 mm
Field diameter 14 mm


Block monogram. Linear border.

 - κ - μ - ο -  - υ



Monogram. Linear border.

 - η - ι - π - σ - τ - υ



Μάρκου . . .

(Seal of) Mark. . .


The reverse contains what is seemingly a quite strange monogram. It is clearly not a cruciform monogram, nor is it a normal block monogram. The predominant shape seems to be a large υ opped to form a π. However it is quite unclear how the monogram may be read, whether further letters outside (e.g. above) the υ may be cut off the blank, or if this is really a monogram at all, or just some sort of decoration, consisting of a cross within some sort of shield. Whatever the case, as of now it is quite unresolved.