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Michael Euphemianos (?) (eighth century)

Accession number BZS.1955.1.310
Diameter 20 mm
Condition Rudely carved.


Block monogram. Linear border.

α - η - ι - λ -  - χ



Block monogram. Linear border.

α -  - η - ι -  - ν - ο - σ - υ - 

Εὐφημιανός (?)


Μιχαήλ Εὐφημιανός (?).

Michael Euphemianos (?).


The reverse monogram is difficult to read and uncertain; especially the circular letter at the central point of the Μ. This letter seems to be a Φ, that doubles as an ligature, while still serving as part of the curves of the Μ and seemingly, the diagonal and right bars of a Ν as well. The letter in the bottom left corner is worn but seems to be an Α. That the reverse is oddly in the nominative, can be explained by the obverse, which is indeclinable. Nevertheless, this is a strange monogram on a strange seal. If, as it seems, this is a double name, it is unclear what is the relationship between the two names.