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N. hegoumenos of Lokne (tenth/eleventh century)

Accession number BZS.1955.1.4944
Diameter 18 mm
Field diameter 15 mm
Previous Editions

DO Seals 5 no. 84.1; Laurent, Corpus 5.3: 1941.


Bust of a bishop saint blessing with his right hand and holding a book in his left. Inscription in two columns: ο|α|ν.|λα|ι. : (possibly) Ὁ ἅ(γιος) Νι[κ(ό)]λα[ο(ς)]. Border of dots.


Inscription of four lines with a pellet at top and pellets flanking the letter in the final line. Border of dots.


Ἡγούμενο(ς) Λόκνις


Ἡγούμενος Λόκνις.

Hegoumenos of Lokne.


On the obverse, the first letter in the final line of the right columnar inscription seems to be an iota. However, if we accept Laurent's suggestion that the saint bishop is Nicholas, then it is possible the vertical element goes with the nu at the bottom left.

On the reverse, the final letter of the third line seems slanted, at the same angle as the lambda at the beginning of the line, suggesting that alpha is a possible alternate reading.