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Alexios protostrator (twelth/thirteenth century)

Accession number BZS.1958.106.5432
Diameter 39 mm


St. Michael standing, wings outspread, holding the sceptre and globus.Inscription: ρμ : (ὁ) ἀρχ(άγγελος) Μ(ι)χ(αήλ). Within concentric line borders, a circular inscription along the circumference, beginning with a cross at twelve o'clock:


σφραγὶς Ἀλ[εξίου τ]οῦ πρωτ[οστράτωρ]ος


St. Theodore standing, holding a spear and shield. Inscription: |θε|οδ||ρο|σ : ὁ ἅ(γιος) Θεόδωρος. Within concentric borders of dots, a circular inscription beginning with a cross at twelve o'clock:


σφραγ[ὶς Ἀλ]εξίου τοῦ π[ρωτοσ]τράτωρος


σφραγὶς Ἀλεξίου τοῦ πρωτοστράτωρος.

Seal of the protostrator Alexios.


The inscription could be taken as a metrical verse.