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Rights and Reproductions
Thank you for your interest in obtaining images from Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection. Please submit all image requests via the form below.
Episodes at the End of Landscape: Hudson River School to American Modernism
Maggie Cao, Harvard University, Junior Fellow 2012–2013
Landscape and Revolution In Ireland, France and America, 1710–1810
Finola O'Kane Crimmins, University College Dublin, Fellow 2012–2013, Spring
Fruits of Our Labor: A Social and Cultural History of Kitchen Gardening in Imperial Russia
Christine Ruane, University of Tulsa, Fellow 2012–2013
Landscape, Architecture, and Experience in the Villa Culture of Seventeenth-Century Rome
Mirka Beneš, University of Texas, Austin, Fellow 2012–2013
Landscapes on Paper: Western Accounts of Chinese Gardens from the Thirteenth to the Eighteenth Century
Bianca Maria Rinaldi, Università degli Studi di Camerino, Fellow 2012–2013, Fall
Living on the Edge: The Residential Spaces, Social Organization, and Dynamics of Isla Cerritos, a Maya Port
Dylan J. Clark, Harvard University, William R. Tyler Fellow 2011–2013
The Nunnery Quadrangle at Uxmal: Cosmos, Court, and Kingship in a Puuc Palace Complex
Jeff Karl Kowalski, Northern Illinois University, Fellow 2012–2013, Spring
Art, Architecture, and Archaeology at Temple 16, Copán, Honduras
Ricardo Agurcia, Asociación Copán, Fellow 2012–2013, Spring
The Integrative Role of the Middle Sicán Ancestor Veneration Cult, Northern North Coast of Peru (AD 950–1100)
Go Matsumoto, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Junior Fellow 2012–2013
Llama Caravans and Interregional Trade in the Southern Andes: Ethnographic and Archaeological Persperctives
Axel E. Nielsen, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas, Fellow 2012–2013
Changing Otherworlds: Pre-Columbian Concepts of “Heaven” and “Hell” in the Context of Early Colonial Christianization in Highland Guatemala
Frauke Sachse, University of Bonn, Fellow 2012–2013
Hatun Cotuyoc: A Domestic Perspective on the Construction of a Wari Province and Empire in Huaro, Cusco, Peru
Maeve Skidmore, Southern Methodist University, Junior Fellow 2012–2013
Moche Mural Painting at Pañamarca: A Study of Image Making and Experience in Ancient Peru
Lisa Trever, Harvard University, William R. Tyler Fellow 2011–2013
Building Ritual Landscapes: The Hieroglyphic Stairway at the Classic Maya Center of El Palmar, Campeche, Mexico
Kenichiro Tsukamoto, University of Arizona, Junior Fellow 2012–2013
Land and Natural Resource Management in Northern France, 1302–1329: The County of Artois Under Countess Mahaut
Abigail P. Dowling, University of California, Santa Barbara, Summer Fellow 2013
Going Native: American Gardens and the Modernization of Residential Landscapes in Shanghai (1843–1949)
Fei Mo, University of Sheffield, Summer Fellow 2013
Topographical Designs for British Illustrated Pocket Diaries, Changing Landscape, and the Nation
Sandro Jung, Universiteit Gent, Summer Fellow 2013
Figuring the Body in Ancient Amazonia
Cristiana Barreto, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Summer Fellow 2013
A Critical Perspective on Central Mexican Writing and the Phonetic Principle
Bérénice Gaillemin, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre, Summer Fellow 2013
Mildred Barnes Bliss
Class Visits to Dumbarton Oaks
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Public Lecture in Byzantine Studies
Wintersession at Dumbarton Oaks
Culture and Philanthropy in America
Sarah Bassett PL
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