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The Byzantine Studies program at Dumbarton Oaks, since its establishment in 1940, has supported a continuous program of residential fellowships and academic events to enable historical, philological, art historical, archaeological and theological research into the civilization of the Byzantine Empire from the fourth to the fifteenth century, together with its interactions with neighboring cultures. 


Apr 20, 2018 - Apr 21, 2018

The Diagram Paradigm: Byzantium, the Islamic World, and the Latin West

Byzantine Studies Symposium, Jeffrey F. Hamburger, David Roxburgh, and Linda Safran, Symposiarchs
Jul 02, 2018 - Jul 27, 2018

2018 Byzantine Greek Summer School

Jul 02, 2018 - Aug 03, 2018

Dumbarton Oaks/HMML Syriac Summer School

Byzantium and the Arabs in the Sixth Century

Tracing the role of Arab tribes both inside and outside the Roman frontier, Shahîd documents the involvement of the Ghassānids in ecclesiastical affairs in the eastern region of the Byzantine Empire.

Manuscripts in the Byzantine Collection

Mildred and Robert Woods Bliss acquired the first manuscript for the museum in 1939. Over the years, the holdings have come to include four Greek manuscripts, one Georgian manuscript, three illuminated leaves from Greek manuscripts, one illustrated leaf from an Armenian manuscript, and four papyrus fragments with Greek writing.