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Bliss Undergraduate Research and Writing Award

The Bliss Undergraduate Research and Writing Award expands our Bliss Symposium Award, which provides Harvard students with a travel stipend for attendance of a Dumbarton Oaks symposium or colloquium.

The Bliss Undergraduate Research and Writing Award is designed for advanced undergraduates who are in the process of planning and/or writing their senior theses or junior research papers. We welcome students who are conducting research on any topic for which the library and archives at Dumbarton Oaks will be helpful. Information about our collections and fields of study can be found in the Museum, Studies Programs, and Library & Archives sections on our website. 

Our main library includes holdings in art, archaeology, history, and literature of the Pre-Columbian/early Colonial and Mediterranean/Byzantine worlds; and also in Garden and Landscape history, including the study of urban landscapes. Our Rare Book Collection contains materials in all three fields, many unique. (A fraction of the collection has been digitized for online browsing.) We also encourage students to apply if they would like to research materials from the Dumbarton Oaks Archives and the Image Collections and Fieldwork Archives (ICFA), the collections of which may be used to address a number of research questions about the twentieth century. You can search our library holdings on the HOLLIS catalog; finding aids and collection information for the ICFA are available here. Strong applications will make a solid and detailed case for the importance of Dumbarton Oaks collections to the research project.

Recipients will receive a stipend for travel to and from Dumbarton Oaks (up to $400), lodging for up to seven nights at Dumbarton Oaks, and subsidized weekday lunch in our on-campus Refectory ($5/person) during their stay. For the 2016–2017 school year, we will be accepting applications for two periods of research: January 9–22 and March 11–19. We will also accept applications for the 2017 summer break.

To apply, please submit to a curriculum vitae and a one-page statement that describes the project that you are completing and delineates your research plan at Dumbarton Oaks. In addition, please provide the name and contact information for one referee, preferably the supervisor of your research project. For the winter period, applications are due December 12, 2016. For the spring period, applications are due February 13, 2017.  For the summer, inquiries may be made at any point before spring exams, but will be more easily accommodated with further advance notice.