C. T. American Art

C. T. American Art was a trade name for postcards produced by the Curt Teich Co. of Chicago, Illinois, which was in business between 1898 and 1978. Curt Teich (1974) had been a lithographer in Lobenstein, Germany, before emigrating to Chicago in 1895. He founded his own firm in 1898, printing newspapers and magazines. He was an early publisher of postcards but did not begin printing them in number himself until 1908. Most of the company's postcards had white borders. The company empoyed offset printing beginning in 1907, which led to the linen postcards in the early 1930s. After Curt Teich's death in 1974, the business was sold to Regensteiner Publishers who continued to print cards at the Chicago plant until 1978, when the rights to the company name and processes were sold to the Irish firm John Hinde Ltd. Their California subsidiary prints cards under the name John Hinde Curteich, Inc. Postcards produced between 1908 and 1928, are usually prefixed A or R and numbered 1 to 124180. These are tinted halftone cards and were issued either under the C. T. Photochrome or C. T. American Art trade names.

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