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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, May 5, 1950

8 rue Quentin-Bauchart8 rue Quentin-Bauchart, an elegant seven-story apartment building built in 1926–1927.

Paris VIII


May 5, 1950

Dear Robert,

On Bill’s strong advice, I’ve decided to make a quick trip to N.Y. & Washington, and have asked for a Swissair passage, do [sic] to reach N.Y. about 7 a.m. Sunday May 10.

I plan to spend a couple of days in N.Y., & then to come to Washn, say around May 17 or 18, for 10 days or so. I understand from Bill that you’ll both be there. Could you put me up?

I don’t know yet where I’ll be staying in N.Y., but anything c/o Allen Dulles 48 Wall St. would reach me.

In great haste and with fond love to you both


R. T.

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