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Norfolk, Holkham Hall, Earls of Leicester Library, 345


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 15th c. (15th c.)
  • Genres: Histories and chronicles
  • Illustrations: Yes


Holkham Hall, Early of Leicester Library 345

Some of the Holkham mss. have gone to the Bodleian or British Libraries (see the others on OXF.1.1), but we contacted the Hall (June, 2012) and they kindly confirmed that they do indeed still possess this and ms. 34.

Ab Urbe Condita, books 1-10 & 21-22. Probably Milan, by Antonius Crivelus for Filippo Maria Sforza. See Hassall in Bibliography and Online Resources for further information. For the qualifying "probably", see De Ricci sub lem. (p. 29). Possibly the same Antonio Crivelli who was the scribe of the St. Ambrose Hexameron of 1446 (Southeby's, Western & Oriental Manuscripts, 3rd Dec. 2008, Lot 28).

We are unsure if there be any foliation. Our only page (on OXF.1.1) is the beautifully decorated beginning of Livy's prologue, beginning "Facturus ne sim opere precium si a primordio urbis..." [sic]. Illustrations include a writer (presumably Livy), a city (presumably Rome), holly (vel sim.), a dragon, and the nomen sacrum (in gold?) IHS.

From Microform: "Holkham Ms. 345, the 1st and 3rd decades, copied in Milan on vellum and signed by Antonius Crivellus, with an author portrait in the first initial by the Master of the Vitae Imperatorum, the foremost illuminator in Lombardy during the first half of the 15th cent."

World Catalogue links in Online Resources refer to the microfilms (apparently redone ca. 1983). OCLC 70318147 is for three reels, respectively Holkham mss. 345 (Livy 1-10, 21-22), 350 (Livy 21-30) and 355 (Livy 31-47). Cf. also OCLC 80149249 and 78742772.