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Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Vat. gr. 2220


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 14th c. (14th c.)
  • Genres: Varia
  • Illustrations: No


Vaticanus græcus 2220 (Columnensis 59).  Mostly 14th, partially 15th century, according to Lilla (see Bibliography); annis 1304/1305 according to Moore (p. 747).  Paper.  Multiple hands.  Fol. Ir also contains the labels "LIIʹ 58" and "D XXV".  Some slight water damage; does not impair legibility. Some charts (as at 90r-94r). Some dark streaks on 356v-358v; it is difficult to tell from our film WEST.VAT.1.51 whether this be a fault in the manuscript or in our film; the obscurity is not great.

For a very detailed list of contents, see the Lilla entry in our Bibliography; also, the Πίνακες one in Online Resources.

Iter Psellianum nos. 554 (THE.12), 581 (THE.39), 609 (THE.67), 679 (THE.136), 717 (THE.174), 817 (PHI.94), 818 (PHI.95), 821 (PHI.98), 822 (PHI.99), 825 (PHI. 102), 841 (PHI.118) and 887 (PHI.164).

No illustrations except a small one on 359v, apparently of Cardinal Giovanni Salviati (presumably the papal legate who lived from 1490-1553?).