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Rome, Biblioteca Angelica, 28 (B.5.6)


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 14th c., 15th c. (14th-15th c.)
  • Genres: Religious poetry
  • Illustrations: No


Various poetical works by Michael Psellos and a canticum compunctionis by Leo the Wise

210r-211r: De Conciliis: Versibus Politicis  (Iter Psellianum: POE.4)
212r-213v: De Dogmate: Versibus Policis (Iter Psellianum: POE.3)
217r: In XII Apostolos: Versibus Iambici (Iter Psellianum: POE.9)

Leo the Wise
215v-217r: inc. Ἀπὸ χειλέων λόγον σοι...

Pinakes has an entry for the work but does not list Psellos’ texts.

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