Madrid, El Escorial, mss. 359 (χ.i.17), k.i.20, 462 (ψ.iii.7), 109 (σ.iii.10), 535 (ω.iii.2), 71 (σ.i.11), 194 (φ.i.16), 183 (φ.i.5), 195 (φ.i.17)

Manuscript Pages

Additional Information

  • Acquired: donated by the estate of Ihor Ševčenko
  • Film: 35mm Black-and-white Negative


Contents (from Prof. Ševčenko’s box, slightly modified):

Contents Index:
1. Scorialensis χ.i.17, fols. 115v-118r
2. Scorialensis k.i.20, fols. 397v-398r, 445r
3. Scorialensis ψ.iii.7, fols. 316v-321r [faded]
4. Scorialensis σ.iii.10, fols. 7v-9r
5. Scorialensis ω.iii.2, fols. 144v-148r
6. Scorialensis σ.i.11, fols. 131r-138r
7. Scorialensis φ.i.16, fols. 166v-173r, 178v-197r
8. Scorialensis φ.i.5, fols. 190r-191r
9. Scorialensis φ.i.17, fols. 2v-3r

Photographed by José de Prado Herranz (“Foto Prado”), Madrid.

Headed by two frames from Andrés’s catalogue entry for Scorialensis ψ.iii.7 (for which see bibliography and online resources), originally a separate film but joined to the main one by us. A few old splicings replaced with new tape and a tear in the perforation repaired with tape.


Mostly quite clear, except for #3 (ψ.iii.7), which is quite faded.