Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, ms. suppl. gr. 690

Manuscript Pages

Additional Information

  • Acquired: donated by the estate of L.G. Westerink
  • Film: 35mm Black-and-white Positive


Prof. Westerink's note:
"Bibliothèque Nationale (France). Manuscript. Suppl. Gr. 690.
Psellus. Vss. in Scleranam; De Balneo; De Scabie: (258 ff.)."

At the beginning: ID slip of the Bibliothèque Nationale, Service Photographique, Département des manuscrits:
"Suppl. Grec 690, ffo 1 a 258v
R.19.503, 10.170 : 8."
Note at the end: "Fin."