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Nonnos (sixth century)

Accession number BZS.1947.2.1563
Diameter 22 mm


Eagle with uplifted wings and head turned to right. In field above head of eagle, block monogram. Wreath border.

ν - ο - υ



Inscription in two lines (second line is effaced). Wreath border.




Νόννου. Νόννου.

(Seal of) Nonnos. (Seal of) Nonnos.


In his unpublished catalogue of the Shaw collection, Laurent reads the reverse as the Latin form of the name Nonnu, and thus reads the seal as a bilingual seal with a reverse Latin resolution of the Greek obverse monogram. This is possible, but there are features of the reverse inscription that would indicate that it is Latin and not Greek, and indeed, there seems to be an appropriate space more for three letters than for two--and thus for Νόννου in Greek. Laurent could be correct and indeed both Greek and Latin reverse inscriptions are quite plausible, but there is no reason to assume bilingualism without proper evidence,

Additionally, it should be noted that Laurent gives the incorrect number for this specimen--1947.2.1663 instead of 1947.2.1563, in his catalogue, no. 1490.