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Sergios bishop of Atramyttion (tenth/eleventh century)

Accession number BZS.1947.2.36
Diameter 25 mm
Field diameter 19 mm
Condition Dented and corroded.
Previous Editions

DO Seals 3, no. 3.5.

Laurent, Corpus V/1, no. 272.


Bust of the Virgin orans; no inscription visible. Border of dots.


Inscription of five lines. Border of dots.


[Σ]εργ[ίῳ ἐλ]αχίσ[τῳ ἐπ]ισκόπ(ῳ) [Ἀ]τραμυτήου.


Σεργίῳ ἐλαχίστῳ ἐπισκόπῳ Ἀτραμυτήου.

Sergios, most humble bishop of Atramyttion.


Adramyttion or Atramyttion (modern Edremit) was an important naval base, part of the Thrakesion; after the creation of the theme of Samos, between 843 and 899, Adramyttion with the littoral became the seat of one of its tourmai (De Them., chap. XVI, line 15) while the interior belonged to the strategos of the Thrakesion, who also had, at least in the ninth century, a tourmarches at Adramyttion. The see, a suffragan of Ephesos, was first attested in 431 and appears in all the notitiae.See Laurent, Corpus V/1, 190; Culerrier, Suffragants d'Ephèse, 153 (episcopal list); ODB I, 227.