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Nikephoros bishop of Pyrgion (eleventh century)

Accession number BZS.1951.31.5.1122
Diameter 25 mm
Condition Corroded.
Previous Editions

DO Seals 3, no. 31.2.

Laurent, Corpus V/1, no. 294.


Indistinct bust: the Virgin holding her hands open before her. No inscription or border visible.


Inscription of six lines. No border visible.


Κ(ύρι)ε β(οή)[θ(ει)] τῷ σῷ δ[ού(λῳ)] Νικηφό[ρῳ] τῷ ἐλαχ[ίσ(τῳ)] ἐπισκό[πῳ] Πυργί[ου]


Κύριε βοήθει τῷ σῷ δούλῳ Νικηφόρῳ τῷ ἐλαχίστῳ ἐπισκόπῳ Πυργίου.

Lord, help your servant Nikephoros, most humble bishop of Pyrgion.


Pyrgion is the modern Birgi at the foot of the Tmolos. The see was first named Dios Hieron, later (seventh century) Christoupolis, finally Pyrgion, with this name appearing first on seals and only in the late twelfth century in literary sources. Its first known bishop is attested in 451. It was a suffragan of Ephesos, until the late twelfth century, when it was raised to the status of metropolis. Conquered by the Turks in 1307, it became the capital of the emirate of Aydin. See Laurent, Corpus V/1, 207-8; Culerrier, Suffragants d'Ephèse, 155 (episcopal list).