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N., proedros and praitor of the Thrakesioi (eleventh century)

Accession number BZS.1951.31.5.1973
Diameter 36 mm
Condition Crack along the channel. Bent, obliterated, and corroded.
Previous Editions

DO Seals 3, no. 2.32.


Unclear effigies of St. John (either Chrysostom or the Theologian) at left and St. Mark at right. They stand frontally, dressed as bishops, and St. Mark holds a book in his left hand. Vertical inscription at left: ο|ι̅ω|. : Ὁ (ἅγιος) Ἰω[άν(νης) .....]. Vertical inscription at right: |μα|ρ|κο|ς : Ὁ ἅ(γιος) Μᾶρκος. No visible border.


Inscription of five lines, decorations above. Border of dots.


Σφραγὶς προέ[δ]ρου πραί[τ]ωρος Θρᾳ[κ]η[σίων]


Σφραγὶς προέδρου πραίτωρος Θρᾳκησίων.

Seal of the proedros and praitor of the Thrakesioi.


The rendering of the inscription in a twelve-syllable verse allows for some security in the reconstruction of the wording. The decoration of the obverse with St. Mark brings to mind the seals studied in DO Seals 2, no. 8.16.