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George epeiktes of the Great Church (ninth century)

Accession number BZS.1951.31.5.2866
Diameter 25 mm
Previous Editions

DO Seals 5 no. 42.23; Laurent, Corpus 5.1: no. 62.


Cruciform invocative monogram (type VIII); in the quarters: τσ|.Λ : τῷ σῷ [δ]ούλῳ. Wreath border.


Inscription of four lines. Wreath border.


Γε[ω]ρ[γ]ίῳ ἐπήκ[τῃ] τῆς Μ(ε)γ(άλης) Ἐκκλισ[ίας]


Κύριε βοήθει τῷ σῷ δούλῳ Γεωργίῳ ἐπήκτῃ τῆς Μεγάλης Ἐκκλισίας.

Lord, help your servant George epeiktes of the Great Church.


Laurent read the second line of the inscription on the reverse as: ἐπὴ κ<τ(ημάτων)>. We have proposed ἐπήκ[τῃ] because it is a well-attested title, signifying someone who looked after the care of horses and beasts of burden, and who appears in a variety of contexts. See, for example, Listes, 339 (the epeiktes of the λογοθέτης τῶν ἀγελῶν), Zacos-Veglery nos. 1788 and 2380 (ἐπείκτης τῆς κογχύλης), 1806 (ἐπείκτης τῶν βασιλικῶν στάβλων), 2480C (βασιλικὸς ἐπείκτης), and Zacos, Seals II, nos. 96 (ἐπείκτης θεσαλονίκης) and 355 (ἐπείκτης τῶν μητάτων).