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Seal (tenth century)

Accession number BZS.1951.31.5.3286
Diameter 28 mm


A cross (cruciform monogram (?)), with an Χ at the crossing of the arms; in the angles of the cruciform, inscription: .Α-Ν.|.Ε-Α.. Wreath border.

Χ . . . .αν.εα. (?)


Abbreviated inscription. Wreath border.



X. . . .αν.εα. (?) ΦΗ (?)



This seal is strange, and nearly impossible to interpret without a parallel specimen. Both sides seem to me missing large portions of the imprint on their left and right sides, though the flan is more than big enough for the die used; the seal is too effaced to interpret the obverse cruciform and whether it is a monogram (as all the termini are effaced), as the Χ in the middle seems to indicate.The inscription within the angles of the cruciform seems fragmentary; only one letter is visible in each angle, while it is likely that there were at least two in each.

The reverse is clearly an abbreviation for something, perhaps a monastery?