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Samuel Chousenios patrikios (?) (tenth/eleventh century)

Accession number BZS.1951.31.5.3747
Diameter 18 mm


Bust of the Virgin within a nimbus and wearing a maphorion. Before her, the Christ child with nimbus. Sigla: ΜΡ̅ΘΥ̅ : Μ(ήτη)ρ Θ(εο)ῦ. Border of dots.



Arabic inscription in three lines. Border of dots.

بالله. سمعول خوسن (؟) بت(ر)ق


Μήτηρ Θεοῦ. بالله. سمعول خوسن (؟) بتق

Mother of God. God. Samuel Chousenios patrikios (?)


The name Samuel is oddly spelt in Arabic here, clearly not the normal Arabic version (صموال), but a Greek transliteration. This must be the seal of an Arab Christian, between the Hellenized version of Samuel and the portrait of the Virgin Mary. It is additionally possible that the first word of the second line might actually read سمعون, "listen." The second word of the second line is difficult to interpret; it is seemingly some sort of family name, as it seems impossible to read any office or title. It clearly reads خ/ج/ح و/ف/ق then reads at least two letters afterwards, possibly three: most likely س/ش ل/د/ذ, though it could read س/شيل/د/ذ, or .ب/ت/ث ي . The most likely interpretation of this is the name Chousenios, cf. BZS.1951.31.5.718. Otherwise, it may read something like جوسل or جوسد.

The last line of the Arabic inscription seems to read two letters, د/ذ و/ف/ق, or three letters,  ب/ت/ث ب/ت/ث و/ف/ق. If it is the latter, it is possible that it reads بتق (b-t-q), a possible abbreviation for πατρίκιος.