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Narses cleric (sixth century)

Accession number BZS.1955.1.269
Diameter 24 mm


Bust of the Virgin, facing, nimbate. On her chest is Christ with nimbus. In fields to l. and r., crosses. Indeterminate border.


Cruciform monogram. Indeterminate border.

 - η - ι - κ - λ - ν - ο - ρ -  - υ

Ναρσοῦ κληρικοῦ


Ναρσοῦ κληρικοῦ.

(Seal of) Narses cleric.


It is also possible that the reverse monogram actually contains two names (including perhaps Ἰσακίου or Ἡρακλήου), but a name and title, such as Narses cleric, is more likely.