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Leo III (717–20)

Accession number BZS.1955.1.4270 (formerly DO 55.1.4270)
Diameter 36 mm
Condition Holed.
Previous Editions

DO Seals 6, no. 28.2; Zacos–Veglery, no. 33c.


The Mother of God standing, wearing a chiton and maphorion, and holding Christ on her left arm. A cross potent at left and right. Indeterminate border.


Half-length representation of Leo III, with short beard and mustache, wearing a chlamys and crown with a cross. He wears his hair long at the sides and full at the bottom. He holds a globus cruciger in his right hand in his left an akakia. Circular inscription. Wreath border.


D(omino) n(ostr)o Leon(i) p(erpetuo) a(ugusto) mul(tos) a(nnos).


Domino nostro Leoni perpetuo augusto multos annos.

Our lord Leo, eternal augustus, [reign] many years.


Before 25 March 720, when Leo took as colleague his two-year-old son Constantine V, Leo appears alone on his coins (for example, DOC 3.1.1:1c3 [pl. 1])