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Alexander exkoubitos (?) (sixth century)

Accession number BZS.1958.106.4176
Diameter 26 mm


Latin inscription in three lines. Border of dots.




Latin monogram. Border of dots.

b - c - e - i - o - t - u - x

excoubitou (?)


Alexandru excoubitou (?).

(Seal of) Alexander exkoubitos (?)


The reverse monogram is unclear; it is likely in Latin, and may contain the name written on the obverse. However, it is more likely an office, either exkoubitos or exkoubitor. The crucial letter is that in the upper left arm of the monogram, which is likely a worn B, although it could be a . If the former is the case, then the monogram would read exkoubitou or exkoubitor (if an R is found within the B), and if the latter is the case, then it would read Alexander (although the lack of an A is troubling).