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Nikephoros Melissenos, kaisar (after 1081)

Accession number BZS.1958.106.649
Diameter 34 mm
Field diameter 27 mm


Bust of the Virgin holding the medallion of Christ. Sigla: ̅ΘΥ̅ : Μήτηρ Θεοῦ. Invocation along the circumference. Border of dots.


Θεοτόκε βοήθει τῷ σῷ δούλῳ


Bust of the kaisar Nikephoros Melissenos wearing a cap with a crown and holding the globus cruciger in his right hand. Along the circumference, an invocation. Border of dots.


Νικηφόρῳ καίσαρι τῷ Μελισσην


Θεοτόκε βοήθει τῷ σῷ δούλῳ Νικηφόρῳ καίσαρι τῷ Μελισσηνῷ.

Mother of God, help your servant, the kaisar Nikephoros Melissenos.